Renewables Solid Fuel

Wood burner

Solid fuel heat systems such as wood burners provide a continuous heat source for your space. If you’re ready to make a positive change a move away from traditional fossil fuels to heat your commercial space, switching to a solid fuel boiler is a change that future generations will thank your business for making. It’s also a great way to operate more efficiently if you have waste wood, off-cuts or logs.

Log Burning Heaters

A renewable, low-carbon energy source, log burning heating systems are easy to install. They can replace traditional oil, gas or coal boilers, significantly reducing your carbon dioxide emissions. Teamed up with the Government’s RHI scheme as well as minimising the impact of rising fuel costs by using available wood waste, you could be significantly lowering your energy bills, too.

Our specialist engineers are skilled and experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of wood burning systems that can transform your commercial building and help future-proof your business from rising energy costs.

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