TMV Service

A crucial part of keeping everyone safe in your commercial space, the thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) creates safe water temperatures by mixing hot and cold water to reduce the risk of scalding, ensuring you’re complying with water safety standards.

Our highly-skilled, WRAS approved Sayes Service engineers can help with the installation, servicing and maintenance of TMVs in any commercial space, from hospitals, schools and offices to universities, care homes and factories.

TMV servicing and Legionella control

Keeping Legionella under control is one of your ongoing responsibilities. Ensuring your TMV is serviced and maintained at least annually can help you meet these obligations, as it allows water to be stored at temperatures that limit its growth. As well as keeping your TMV well-maintained and fully operational, annual servicing of your RPZ valve can also be carried out by Sayes Service to help make sure your water supply is safe and compliant.