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Social Values


Social value considers the economy, environment, and people as one ecosystem which needs to thrive together. At Sayes & Co Ltd and Sayes Service Ltd we recognise the importance of social value in our business and how we impact the local community and society. We strive to deliver social value through both our daily operations and each project that we fulfil.

We intend to deliver social value for each building services project and intertwine it into every aspect of our business. To do this, we consider the following areas.

Our Social Value Initiatives

Driving positive change in the community

Investing in people

Prioritising charitable initiatives

Supporting the growth of responsible regional businesses

Sayes sponsor Ensian Colts

Driving Positive Change in the Community


We look to support our community in a number of ways, whether that’s providing local jobs, participating in charity events, or even sponsoring regional sports teams.


Team Sponsorship

Our company is a big advocate for supporting local community grassroots sports organisations run by members of the local community on a voluntary basis. They depend on sponsorship and donations to survive and prosper. We believe they are vital to the local community as they provide much-needed opportunities for physical activity, building community spirit, and helping young people develop crucial life skills. We have donated to the following grassroots teams over the years, often in the form of new team kits.


1 - East End Park WMC FC

2 - East End Park Vets Football Club

3 - Garforth Rangers u14's Football Club 

4 - Amaranth Football Club

5 - Battyeford Sporting Club U15 Football team

6 - West Park Leeds RUFC

7 - Old Otliensians & Otley RUFC Colts  

Member of the Sayes team digging and carrying out community work

Charitable Contributions


To boost awareness and involvement with local charities, we regularly participate in charity events and fundraisers. An integral part of our business is supporting our employees, and we intertwine both of these by seeking involvement with those charities that are close to our employees ’hearts. A recent example includes the 3 Peak Challenge fundraising for  Macmillan Cancer Support and Saint Michaels Hospice, Harrogate

We also proudly support a Leeds based charity called MATE United. Their message: “Spread awareness of mental health in all but especially men’s mental health to spread the need for men and all to speak out about the struggle with dealing with and coping with mental health from all severity of cases and struggles by spreading the word and putting a fight against the stigma of not being able to speak by also providing an environment to enjoy and get back happiness and wellbeing in people who have lost this.”. Our BITMO Administrator, Tom Moore is heavily involved with this charity

We supported Follicular Lymphoma Foundation in March 2024 with a monetary donation also.

We constantly seek new charity opportunities, especially those that align with our value to drive positive change in our community. If you’re a charity interested in partnering, please speak to our team.

BESA Awards

Investing in People


Here at Sayes, we are committed to creating opportunities and offering them to all, including those that may not follow a traditional education route. We consistently engage with apprenticeship schemes across our roles to offer new routes into engineering-based positions. Through these, we provide apprentices with dedicated training and support to help them excel in their role, and invest in staff over time to continue professional development. Sayes has a proud heritage of training and developing local people which can be evidenced by the fact that 50% of all our employees (office and on-site operatives) were apprentices trained by our company, including the senior managers and directors.

We also work closely with Leeds College of Building to recruit local people who require an employer to complete their training and development. To add to this, this social value is further enhanced by our partnership with local schools and the Chair of Governors who arranges annual visits for students to visit our offices and spend time on site in the local community with one of our qualified gas engineers.

The beginning of people’s journeys is not the only area in which we support. We also work in collaboration with Brookhouse Training (a gas training initiative) and we have provided thousands of workplace hours for operatives to complete their training and get back into working life. This has included free work placements, work experience opportunities, and free careers advice and mentoring to local residents. To date, we have delivered over 2,000 working hours on-site and hands-on work experience to those who have been long-term unemployed.

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Supporting the Growth of Responsible Regional Businesses


As an SME based in Leeds, we fully recognise the importance of supporting local independent companies and the local economy. We can therefore guarantee that wherever possible, we source materials and suppliers from those in the local economy, especially any expenditure given in local authority contracts.