Bennett Court, Otley

Project Brief

Full Plant Room refurbishment comprising of 2 No new boilers, 2 No new DHW calorifiers, new pump sets, new valves and new automatic controls and removal of cold water storage tanks/conversion of DHW system to mains.

Project Status

  • Project Completion Date July 02, 2014
  • Project Value 100K

Project Description

The building is a sheltered housing complex comprising of 52 flats all with elderly and vulnerable tenants. Of four boilers only one was operating (50kw of 500kw), the tank fed DHW calorifiers were leaking badly, the shunt twin pump and heating twin pump were both operating on only one head as the other had failed and were obsolete. The automatic controls had failed so all equipment was operating at full load.

Due to the risk of total failure this project was carried out through November/December. Initially the electrical supply to the Boiler House was increased to accommodate new 6kw, 3ph immersion heaters in the new DHW calorifiers. Once this supply was in place the DHW calorifiers were de-commissioned and removed from site while our engineers modified the tank supply to the Plant Room to convert it to mains. The new DHW cylinders were positioned and the new mains cold water supply connected to each complete with mains unvented kits. The DHW system was connected back on to and the new electrical supplies connected to the immersion heaters. Through careful planning we were able to minimise the down time of hot water to two days and the heating remained on with the one remaining boiler operating.

Once hot water was re-instated to the building the heating plant was de-commissioned and removed. We provided oil filled radiators to all properties for heating while the heating plant was inoperative. 2 No Hamworthy Wessex Modumax boilers in a vertical stack were installed to meet the 500kw heat requirement of the building. The vast majority of pipe work for the heating system was pre-manufactured off site, again with a view to minimising down time of the heating. All new pumps, valves and controls were installed in a way to aid future maintenance. The old system was very difficult to maintain due to the location of the equipment. Again, with careful planning we were able to make the new equipment easier and more accessible to maintain even though we installed extra equipment including low level combustion air ventilation.